29th Annual General Meeting of the European Brain and by Nicole von Steinbüchel, Alexander Steffen, Marc Wittmann

By Nicole von Steinbüchel, Alexander Steffen, Marc Wittmann

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Recent activation studies have shown that discrete parts of the parietal cortex can be selectively activated by specific tasks. According to von Economo and Koskinas (1925) this whole region consists of a single architectonic area PE with local differences ( PEm, PEp, PE(D), PEgamma ); Brodmann (1909) distinguishes 2 areas (5 and 7). We investigated this region on post-mortem human brain tissue using cytochrome oxidase (COX), acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and NADPH-diaphorase (NADPHd) staining. Indeed, in previous studies on the human cortex, COX was found to be a useful marker for extrastriate visual and auditory areas and AChE for auditory versus speech areas.

Brandner*, F. Schenk - Institut de Physiologie, CH-1005 Lausanne The majority of the studies concerning sex differences report that males perform better than female in a variety of spatial tasks. The cholinergic system also appears to show sexual dimorphism in the rat hippocampal formation. Thus, it is unclear whether sex differences in spatial tasks are only secondary to the development of qualitatively different learning strategies or whether they are due to functional differences of specific neural mechanisms involved in the elaboration of spatial representation.

A third group of chicks was untreated (U). On day 3 post-hatch, the chicks were given open-field and hole-inthe-wall box timidity tests and on day 8 post-hatch they underwent a treadmill test for SR and a TI test. ARCH chicks were then killed and their brains processed for lesion site verification. 01). 02). Thus, in LTI chicks at least, the archistriatum can prolong the duration of TI. Since fear increases the duration of TI, archistriatal lesions appear to reduce the antecedent state of fear.

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