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3. 0 for marine operations Extended channel set number Extended file number 0-999999 January 2003 User’s Manual Vol. 2 Trace Data block Trace Header Extensions • Trace Header Extension Block # 1 Byte Value No. Fmt Description Notes 1-3 XXXXXX bin Receiver line number Streamer identification number in marine operations 4-6 XXXXXX bin Receiver point number Physical channel number within streamer in marine operations 7 XX bin Receiver point index Always 1 in marine operations 8-10 XXXXXX bin Number of samples per trace 11-15 0 Extended receiver line number 16-20 0 Extended receiver point number 21 XX 22-32 0 bin 2 Sensor type Not used • Trace Header Extension block # 2 Byte Value No.

8FN Linear phase 3 SU6R-like 7 X bin Channel data error: overscaling 8 X bin Channel edited status 1 dead 2 acquisition/retrieve error 3 noise edition 9-12 XXXX flt Channel sample to mV conversion factor 2 0 for Auxes (not computed). For details, see User’s Manual Vol. 3, Chapter 5. 13 XX bin Number of stacks low 14 XX bin Number of stacks noisy 15 XX bin Channel type id: 1 = Seis 9 = Aux 16 XX bin Channel process 01 Raw data 02 Aux stack 03 Correlation, negative part 04 Correlation, positive part 05 Normal correlation 06 Seis stack 17-20 XXXX flt Trace max value 21-24 XXXX bin Trace max time microseconds 25-28 XXXX bin Number of interpolations See Release Notes in User’s Manual Vol.

Fmt Description Notes 1-4 XXXX flt Leakage limit Only for geophones connected to FDU channels. 5-8 XXXX flt Leakage value kohms 9-24 0 25 X 26-32 0 Not used bin Leakage error 0 = No 1 = Yes Not used Non significant fields are set to FFFFFFFF. 0311402 2-23 2 SEGD format (Rev. 1) Trace Data block • Trace Header Extension block # 6 Byte Value No. 1 XX Fmt Description bin Unit type 0x00 Not identified 0x01 FDU 0x02 SU6R 0x1C DSU 2-4 XXXXXX bin Unit serial number 5 X bin Channel number 6-8 9 0 X bin FDU assembly type 0x01 to string of n FDUs 0x10 0x20 ALS 0x21 HAU 0x22 HAPU 0x23 SAXU 0x24 AXCU 0x42 LSI 0x60 TZAS 0xE0 FDU2S XXXXXX bin FDU assembly serial number 13 X bin FDU assembly location 2-24 0 See below for details Spare 10-12 14-16 Notes Significant only for FDU channels Spare January 2003 User’s Manual Vol.

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