A Better Way to Date: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your by Michael Webb

By Michael Webb

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39 A Better Way to Date The Best Ways To Meet Others METHOD 20: Speed Dating Speed Dating is a fun new way to meet other singles that is starting to become very popular. In case you've never heard of Speed Dating, let me explain how it works. An equal number of single men and women come together at a designated location which is typically a restaurant, a hall or a professionally organized Speed Dating venue. The number of people varies but generally 8 men and 8 women seems to work well. Each person is given a nametag, a dating card and a seat number.

I was the guy who looked like Brad Pitt, sounded like Sean Connery and had Tom Cruise’s smile. Well……… OK, maybe I don’t sound like Sean Connery ☺ Seriously though, I enjoyed our chat about wineries and was wondering whether you’d like to get together a new wine bar I heard good things about. How does 7pm Thursday 24th May, at The Wine Bar – 242 Hillcrest Road sound? com The characteristics of this email that make it effective are: • • • • • It is very casual It has a humorous opening that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

You should spend this week talking to and introducing yourself to those who you are not necessarily attracted to. By doing this you will again get to practice without being too nervous and the more you practice, the more confident you will become. Once again, you will find a target number of introductions for each day of the week in Exercise 4 of Chapter 14. Remember the key points to keep in mind are to: (1) Make eye contact (2) Smile (3) Ask an off-hand question that is relevant to your situation (4) Introduce yourself By the end of the third week you should find that talking to and introducing yourself to people is becoming a little easier and you may actually be starting to enjoy the process.

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