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Intuition Al e rt: Action and Reaction Intuition says that, when you push an object that’s moving away from you, it pushes back more gently on you than you push on it and that, when you push an object that’s moving toward you, it pushes back harder on you than you push on it. Physics says that when you push on an object, it always pushes back on you exactly as hard as you push on it. Resolution: It’s difficult to push on an object that’s moving away from you, so you naturally push on it more gently than you expect.

26 CHAPTER 1 The Laws of Motion Newton’s Third Law of Motion For every force that one object exerts on a second object, there is an equal but oppositely directed force that the second object exerts on the first object. The universality of this law is astounding. Whether an object is large or small, hard or soft, stationary or faster than a rocket, if you can push on it, it will push back on you with an equal but oppositely directed force. In the present case, the sidewalk and piano push on one another with equal but oppositely directed forces.

30480 m † The English units of force and mass are both called the pound. To distinguish these two units, it has become standard practice to identify them explicitly as pound-mass and pound-force. Check Your Understanding #5: Going for a Walk If you’re walking at a pace of 1 meter per second, how many miles will you travel in an hour? 24 miles. Why: There are many different units in this example, so we must do some converting. First, an hour is 3600 seconds, so in an hour of walking at 1 meter per second you will have walked 3600 meters.

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