A Flood of Tears for Viracocha by Matthew Delooze

By Matthew Delooze

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Hey again the Serpent Cult is totally aware of universal laws and the power of free will energy. The awareness of the human race, in comparison, couldn’t find the free will energy to take the skin off a rice pudding. The typical human being is 43 only aware of selfish pastimes, gossiping and how to masturbate. Well you can believe that eh? I haven’t the time to go through the geometry and colours of this civic building but please please please understand that this building, and other like it, could be covertly used for rituals involving the sun/obelisks and all seeing eyes during out of hours, just as much as it is used for seaside kiss me quick weddings, during the day.

Maybe I’m mad for stating it? Mind you isn’t this Festival House just a place of ritual on a normal five-sense level anyway? Isn’t this room simply a place where people make ‘vows’ in front of a bloody obelisk in five-sense reality too? So if I’m mad for suggesting it then doesn’t the same principle apply to those that actually use it for ritual every day? Are they mad for actually carrying out ritual there everyday then? Why not ask those that register their children in this place if they actually know what they are doing?

It is the energy that you give through emotional attachment that matters. The Prophets and Magicians of ancient times were classed as wise men but it is also true that famous comedians and magicians’ were/are classed as ‘wise men’ too. Both examples were/are worshipped and or admired and, my friends, as we now know, when the Serpent laden’s a person with symbolism, the said person becomes an agent, a middleman, to attract human emotion to places carrying deceptive occult symbolism. Human emotion creates spiritual energy and the energy is not only directed to the famous artist/middle man it is also always directed towards the creators of the symbolism the famous artist/ middleman is laden with.

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