A Mist of Prophecies (Novels of Ancient Rome) by Steven Saylor

By Steven Saylor

In the yr forty eight B.C., Rome is in the middle of Civil struggle. As Pompey and Caesar struggle for keep an eye on of the Republic, Rome turns into a hotbed of intrigue, pushed through espionage, greed and betrayals.

A attractive younger seeress staggers around the Roman market and dies within the palms of Gordianus the Finder. probably mad and claiming no reminiscence of her previous, Cassandra― like her Trojan namesake―was reputed to have the present of prophecy, a present many in Rome may pay for handsomely...or lodge to homicide.

Obsessed with Cassandra's secret, Gordianus investigates her homicide. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her existence and demise, he discovers an internet of conspiracy linking a lot of Rome's so much ruthless and strong girls. Now Gordianus's pursuit not just endangers his personal existence, yet may well switch the way forward for Rome.

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Some of them staged a revolt while Caesar was on the way back from Spain-" "Yes, and Caesar promptly put the ringleaders to death and rallied the rest to his side," said Canininus. "He knows how to handle a mutiny; he's a born leader of men. " "But Pompey's had almost a year to catch his breath and gather his forces," observed Manlius, ignoring Canininus's insults. "They'll be fresh and unscathed. " "They'll be soft from all that idle waiting, if you ask me," said Canininus. " said Manlius. "Above and beyond his Roman legions, they say Pompey's gathered hundreds of archers from Crete and Syria, slingers from Thessaly, thousands of cavalrymen from Alexandria-" "We know about Pompey's forces only from rumors.

No one else came forward to claim her body. I call her Cassandra, but that was not her real name, of course. No parents would ever give a child such an accursed name, any more than they would name a baby Medea or Medusa or Cyclops. Nor would any master give such an ill-omened name to a slave. Others called her Cassandra because of the special gift they believed her to possess. Like the original Cassandra, the doomed princess of ancient Troy, it seemed that our Cassandra could foretell the future.

No woman in her right mind would display herself so immodestly in the Forum, and certainly not before the Temple of Vesta. She shook her head back and forth, whipping the air with her unpinned blond tresses. "She's called Cassandra," said Mopsus. Why had I even bothered to ask the other graybeards, when Mopsus was present? " He crossed his arms and grinned. "Not much. Cassandra-that's what they call her on account of the way she can see the future. " "Well…" He was momentarily stumped, then brightened.

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