A Museum for the Nation: Publics and Politics at the by Kristina Kate Phillips

By Kristina Kate Phillips

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In 2006, 12 percent of the population was not affiliated with an organized church. 17 The presence of such religious diversity and a growing secular population set the stage for deep conflicts over policy. For example, many religious groups welcomed President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiative, which sought to channel more funds to religious groups to administer social services, while secularists viewed the policy as abrogating the division between church and state. As America grew and its population expanded and diversified, the country’s age profile shifted with it.

17) a government whose powers are defined and limited by a constitution majority rule/minority rights (p. 21) the popular wishes and preferences regularly and systematically shape who controls the government and what the government does democratic principle that a government follows the preferences of the majority of voters but protects the interests of the minority direct democracy (p. 12) a system of rule political equality (p. 19) the right to par- that permits citizens to vote directly on laws and policies ticipate in politics equally, based on the principle of “one person, one vote” equality of opportunity (p.

The American population has also shifted regionally. In the past fifty years, especially, many Americans left the Northeast and Midwest and moved to the South and Southwest. As congressional seats have been reapportioned to reflect the population shift, many problems that particularly plague the Midwest and Northeast, such as the decline of manufacturing jobs, receive less attention in national politics. The shifting contours of the American people have regularly raised challenging questions about our politics and governing arrangements.

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