A National Measurement System for Radiometry, Photometry, by A. C. Parr

By A. C. Parr

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Output Stabilization of Linear Systems with Disturbances 39 Theorem 1 Under assumptions A1–A3, if uðtÞ is designed according to (6), yðtÞ tends exponentially to zero. , ^zðtÞ ¼ P^xðtÞ tends to ^ Þ will vanish, zðtÞ ¼ PxðtÞ). Therefore, the errors ðz1 À ^z1 Þ, ðz2 À ^z2 Þ, and ðw À w and, since ðA11 À B1 K Þ is Hurwitz, z1 will tend asymptotically to zero. Thereby, yðtÞ will tend to zero also. , [11]). Let us consider the following linear longitudinal model of a Boeing 767, :  xðtÞ þ Bu  ðtÞ þ Ew  ðt Þ xðtÞ ¼ A  ðtÞ þ Du  ðtÞ þ Fw  ðt Þ yðtÞ ¼ Cx where x is the state vector whose components are the surge velocity ul , the angle of attack a, the pitch rate q, and the pitch angle h.

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