A Program For The Jews And Humanity by Harry Waton

By Harry Waton

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It is not a question, whether the Jews should struggle ; it is a question, how the Jews should struggle? The method of struggle pursued until now was both irrational and ineffective, and only aggravated the situation for the Jews. But my program calls for a rational and effective struggle . This we shall presently see. 28 . The Rabbis tell us : He is a hero who controls his will ; he that controls his anger is stronger than a hero ; and he who rules his spirit is stronger than he who conquers a city .

Since then, wherever the Jews were and are, and to the extent of their numbers in any country, there was and is anti-Semitism . What is the nature of anti-Semitism? Much has been written about anti-Semitism, its literature is vast and dates from the remotest antiquity. And yet, if one were to spend years on the study of this literature, in the end he will be no wiser than he was in the beginning ; and this for the reason that until now the true nature of anti-Semitism was not understood . Anti-Semitism may appear to be racial, religious or economic in its nature, but in essence it is infinitely deeper than all that .

Balaam did not praise and bless the Jews for their sake, but he praised and blessed the Jews for the sake of the nations, that the nations should acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, and thus be able to destroy the Jews . The curse was not in what he said, but in the purpose . And now, how did Jehovah turn the curse into a blessing? Jehovah turned the purpose of Balaam into a blessing . Balaam intended that the nations should endeavor to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, in order to be able to destroy the Jews ; but this very purpose turned into a blessing.

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