A Walk Through the Cloisters by Bonnie Young

By Bonnie Young

The original selection of the cloisters supplies one a feeling of mid-evil tradition via its structure and sculptures as well as miniatures and metalwork.
An illustrated journey of The Cloisters, featuring hidden treasures and info of the gathering that would be ignored via the informal visitor.
The textual content relies totally on a variety of variations of The Cloisters: the development and the gathering of medieval paintings in citadel Tryon Park, via James J. Rorimer.

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This fact has tempted some Christian apologists to defend Christianity against naturalism by refuting the contemporary form of naturalism, materialism. That was what C. S. Lewis did, in a series of exchanges, first with H. H. Price, who had called for a religion without dogma, that is, for a liberal Christianity that renounces the traditional faith embodied in the Nicene creed, by producing a philosophical refutation of naturalism, and then with G. E. M. Anscombe, in defending his refutation. When I arrived in Oxford as a graduate student in 1951, these exchanges were still audibly, if faintly, echoing.

Unless the intentional description can in principle be analytically reduced to a physical one, the two descriptions would seem to be of nonidentical but correlated events. If in reality nothing happens outside nature, and whatever happens in nature is causally explicable in terms of the natural sciences, then each real event functionally describable in intentional terms must be causally explicable in terms of the natural sciences. Although it may seem to follow that every event causally explicable in terms of the natural sciences must be identical with a physical event, it does not.

2. The Problem of the Development of Christian Doctrine According to the Nicene creed, the Christian church is apostolic; and that is generally taken to imply that it teaches what the Apostles taught. The Apostles received a deposit of faith; they transmitted it to their successors, and it has remained unchanged. Part of it is formulated in the Nicene creed itself. If this were not so, the faith of Christians today would not be apostolic; they would accept as necessary to the Christian faith beliefs which the Apostles did not hold, and hence did not think necessary to it.

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