Abkhaz: A Comprehensive Self-Tutor by George Hewitt

By George Hewitt

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And, when following adjeclivcs so formed, the noun w ill retain its own article, which, i f the NP requires a 9Some speakers seem not lo object to (he indefinite article (= primary num eral) -k- appearing ulso in multiples o f a 100 . 44 possessive marker, w ill be replaced by Ihe appropriate possessive prefix. g. аҧхьатәи ахзҭа '(ihe) first part1 актәи акласс '(the) first class' Аҧснытәи ааы '(the) Abkhazian wine' аҧхьатәи иҧҳәыс 'his first wife' ахәылҧазтәи (= ахәылбыҽхатәи) аиадәақәа '(the) evening stars' (cf.

S-Gravenhage: Mouton. I. 2007. Izbrannye trudy [Selected Works]. Sukhum: Academy Press. P. 1986-87. Apswa Byzfra A^war [Dictionary o f the Abkhaz Language], 2 vols. Sukhum: Alashara. SHamba, O. & Gw yrgw lia, B. 2003. Apswa Zhwapq'akwa [Abkhazian Proverbs|. Aqw ’ a: Abkhazia's National Fund for the Development o f Understanding and Knowledge. Shinkuba, A. Sh. 2003. Intensivnyj kurs abxazskogo jazyka [Intensive Course in the Abkhaz Language]. Sukhum: Academy Press. Spruit, A. 1983. Abkhaz verbs o f local reference, in Studia Caucasica 5, 55-75.

Nagoya: University Press. Yanagisawa, T. 2005. Schwa in Abkhaz. Japanese Slavic and East European Studies, 27 26, 23-36. Yanagisawa, T. 2006. Analysis o f Texts and a Basic Lexicon o f the Abkhaz Language. (In association with Ana Tsvinaria). Nagoya: University Press. i Syobo in 2010] George Hewitt Doncaster (South Yorkshire) March 2009 28 Lesson I In this lesson you w ill learn about: • The singular and plural forms o f nouns • Cardinal numerals • Noun-Adjeclivc combinations « Number-marking within the NP___________________________________________ The citation-form o f nouns (and adjectives), which is to say the form in which such words appear in dictionaries, unites the lexical item itself with the article a-.

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