Act of Will (Tor Fantasy) by A.J. Hartley

By A.J. Hartley

Act of Will is a boisterous fable experience that introduces us to Will Hawthorne, a medieval actor and playwright who flees the experts purely to discover himself inextricably absolute to a gaggle of high-minded adventurers on a perilous project. Will travels with them to land the place they're charged with the research and defeat of a ruthless military of mystical horsemen, who look out of the mist leaving dying and devastation of their wake.In the process Will's uneasy alliance along with his new protectors, he has to get his pragmatic brain to simply accept selfless heroism (which he thinks is absurd) and magic (which he does not think in). Will needs to finally come to a decision the place his loyalties relatively lie and what sort of he's ready to do--and believe--to get up for them.

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That’s Hawthorne, all right,” said a big, booming voice from the stage-left side. It was Rufus. He took a step out onto the lip of the stage and pointed a thick finger at me. ” It was his most flawless performance to date. The officer considered this. ” SCENE II Making an Exit Immediately two of the foot soldiers plunged through the crowd towards the stage: I hesitated, but I had been visited by a sudden and violent conviction that being “taken” by these men would likely turn out to be a very bad thing indeed, something far beyond even Rufus’s mean little imagination.

The officer nodded as if this was to be expected, and the soldiers drew their weapons. They were serious. “William Hawthorne,” said the officer. ” I said guilelessly. ” The officer paused. “I’m reading the list,” he said. ” “Of those who are to be arrested,” he added with steely patience. “Ah,” I said. ” “Hawthorne,” said the officer. ” I said. “No. Never heard of him. ” “That’s Hawthorne, all right,” said a big, booming voice from the stage-left side. It was Rufus. He took a step out onto the lip of the stage and pointed a thick finger at me.

I leaned out over the edge, wondering if I could survive the drop, and found myself looking upside down into an open leaded window set in the plaster and timber wall below me. An elderly woman with a bucket of God knows what poised to be dumped into the street met my gaze and held it. Without a word she pushed the window wider and stepped back. I swung myself down and through in a single movement that only five minutes ago would have seemed impossible. The woman silently returned to the window, caught the eye of one of the soldiers, and pointedly emptied her bucket into the over-flowing drainage ditch below.

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