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A second group lines surfaces that are neither planar nor cylindrical, such as a doll's face, a toothpaste tube or a bottle of Armagnac. They have to be printed using a pad printer (page 78). One might say that conformal electronic displays have still to reach infancy; what we see in the market are conformal non-electronic displays using thermochromic inks. They don't use electronics but they do have applications in medicine, textiles, etc. Power sources Many of the advantages of printable or flexible displays are negated by having conventional power sources, so printable solar cells are highly relevant, particularly as they are not yet ideal for outdoor use and might find an early market in energy scavenging.

The shopping stress when having to choose between alternatives in a large store, so keenly felt by middle-aged men, may be much more severe in future stores, causing even more to flee to the internet, where they can stop the ads and turn down the volume. ᮣ If a display can be attached to an object, then attaching a sensor and communications is usually as easy or easier, so the environment may actually spy on you. These ideas can soon go from paranoid fantasy to genuine threat. If overdone, they can lead to a general consumer backlash.

Flexible displays can be affixed to paper, as in a dynamically variable Post-it. Indeed they may become printable on specially treated paper, revolutionising the packaging and greetings card industry and creating a continuous link between ROM and RAM paper products. ROM is read-only memory and RAM is random-access memory. ᮣ Flexible displays may revolutionise clothing. It may seem mysterious that so many consumers want to carry somebody else's advertising. This used to be a paid activity but no longer, as evidenced by branded T-shirts, Tommy Hilfiger gear and mobile ringtones.

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