Affirmative Action: A Reference Handbook by Lynne Eisaguirre

By Lynne Eisaguirre

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Intrinsic Motivation

As I start to write this Preface, i believe a hurry of pleasure. i've got now accomplished the ebook; my gestalt is entering final touch. during the months that i've been penning this, i've got, certainly, been intrinsically encouraged. Now that it truly is comprehensive i think particularly powerfuble and self-determining (see bankruptcy 2).

The Vikings: Conquering the Wind and Waves

An apprehension to the skin global, Viking longships have been a resource of serious and comprehensible delight to Norsemen. At a time whilst nearly all of women and men within the West lived and died inside of strolling distance in their birthplaces, and commute was once gradual and hazardous, Vikings looked as if it would skitter over the globe like water birds over a pond, showing after they have been least anticipated, disappearing after they selected.

Archeology And The Christian (Biblical Archeology)

Bible and its message are thoroughly based upon background. occasions like temptation and fall in Eden, promise of a virgin-born savior, and the discomfort, crucifixion, and resurrection of the savior are foundational to the Christian religion. it is a multi- quantity paintings, and this quantity deals an "introduction" to Biblical Archeology.

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2d: Southern Reporter (First and Second Series), which includes decisions from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. W. 2d: Southwestern Reporter (First and Second Series), which includes decisions from Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas. A case citation provides the names of the people, schools, government agencies, or companies on each side of a case (the plaintiff[s]) and defendants[s]); the volume of the reporter in which the case can be found; the page number on which the case begins; and the year in which the case was decided.

Through the availability of student aid programs and aggressive recruitment and retention programs, the college-bound rate for blacks and whites who graduated from high school was about equal by 1977. Since 1977, however, the proportion of black high school graduates age 18 to 24 enrolled in college has not kept pace with that of white students. Although the percentage of black students who have graduated from high school has increased approximately 20 percent in the past 25 years, the portion of black high school student graduates attending college is now 25 percent less than that of white students.

What Is Affirmative Action? Even the supporters of affirmative action disagree about this question since the reality is that there is a spectrum of affirmative action solutions, depending upon which specific program is being debated. There seems to be little disagreement that when it was originally envisioned, the program entailed casting a wider netmaking sure that potential students, employees, and government contractors from minority backgrounds were made aware of and considered for positions.

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