Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January-February 2014)

4 • Checklists • [Editorial (Analog)] • essay through Trevor Quachri
• eight • song to Me • [Floyd and Brittney] • novella via Richard A. Lovett
• forty • lights Up the mind: using Electromagnetic Radiation to Stimulate Neurons • [Science truth (Analog)] • essay via Kyle Kirkland
• forty nine • not anything to worry • poem via Kate Gladstone
• forty nine •  Nothing to worry • inside paintings via uncredited
• 50 • Mousunderstanding • shortstory via Carl Frederick
• 50 •  Mousunderstanding • inside art through Joshua Meehan
• sixty one • Wine, ladies, and Stars • shortstory by way of Thoraiya Dyer
• 70 • this is often As I desire to Be Restored • shortstory via Christie Yant
• seventy three • In occasions to come back (Analog, January-February 2014) • [In instances to come back (Analog)] • essay through uncredited
• seventy four • Product recollects • poem through Mary A. Turzillo
• seventy five •  Product recollects • inside art by means of uncredited
• seventy six • The Tansy Tree • novelette through Rob Chilson
• seventy six •  The Tansy Tree • inside art via Zelda Devon
• ninety one • the matter with Reproducible insects • shortstory by way of Marie DesJardin
• ninety six • similar to Grandma Used to Make • shortstory through Brenta Blevins
• ninety eight • Racing Prejudice • shortstory via John Frye, III
• a hundred • On Investigating Heretical Gizmos • [The trade View] • essay by way of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• 103 • Technological Plateau • shortstory through Michael Turton
• one hundred ten • This Quiet airborne dirt and dust • shortstory by means of Karl Bunker
• a hundred and ten •  This Quiet airborne dirt and dust • inside art via Kurt Huggins
• one hundred twenty • made up our minds Spirits • novelette by means of gray Rollins
• 132 • Lockstep (Part 2 of four) • serial through Karl Schroeder
• 132 •  Lockstep • inside paintings by means of Mark Evans
• a hundred and eighty • The Reference Library (Analog, January-February 2014) • [The Reference Library] • essay through Don Sakers
• 181 •   evaluation: Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's membership via Ben Bova • overview via Don Sakers
• 182 •   evaluation: Ghost Spin through Chris Moriarty • overview by way of Don Sakers
• 182 •   overview: at the Razor's aspect by means of Michael Flynn • evaluation by means of Don Sakers
• 183 •   assessment: Transcendental by way of James Gunn • evaluate via Don Sakers
• 183 •   overview: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood by means of Michael D. • evaluate via Don Sakers
• 184 • Brass Tacks (Analog, January-February 2014) • [Brass Tacks] • essay through a variety of
• 184 •  Letter: the writer Responds ... (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay by means of Haris A. Durrani
• 186 •  Letter (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay through Rick Norwood
• 187 • 2013 Index (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay by means of uncredited
• one hundred ninety • It's Anlab Time back (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay by way of uncredited
• 192 • Upcoming occasions (Analog, January-February 2014) • [Upcoming occasions] • essay via Anthony R. Lewis [as through Anthony Lewis ]

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In the darkish backwoods, the place legislations enforcement doesn't dare tread, there exists a distinct kind of revenge. anything so lousy that it is just whispered approximately. whatever so bad that few think it truly is real.

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Nobody who lived through Drago would ever forget. Elise, either, for that matter. You just didn't want to talk about it. He picked up a paperback novel from the other desk in the pine-panelled office, the one shared by his two deputies. Ed McBain: 87th Precinct. It must belong to Milo Fernandez, the trainee. Roy Nevins's taste ran more to Hustler. Milo was an eager kid, still excited by the idea of police work. Roy Nevins wasn't excited by much of anything these days, except finishing up his twenty years of public service and living the rest of his life comfortably off the taxpayers of California.

I'm accustomed to that. And you can listen. That'll be a rare treat for me. ' The big man strode easily through the brush carrying Malcolm in such a way as to minimize movement of his ruined ankle. The rhythm of the man's pace lulled the boy into a semi-doze. When he spoke, the big man's rumbling voice was comforting. 'My name is Jones,' he said. 'There used to be more to it, but I figure that doesn't matter, seeing as I'm the only one living out here, and not likely to be confused with anybody else.

Derak lived alone because he was the leader. Sometimes a woman stayed there with him. Malcolm seemed to remember a woman from before. When he was little. The woman was dark and lithe, and smelled of warm wild flowers. Her eyes were the same deep shade of green as Malcolm's. She was gone now. He wondered about her, but he was too timid to ask. Malcolm felt ill at ease sitting alone with Derak on a sofa in the small house. He perspired, and he did not know what to do with his hands. Derak smiled.

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