Analytical mechanics by Grant R., Fowler

By Grant R., Fowler

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All the mischief, however, seemed limited to the vicinity of the stream; and the old road constructed by Trajan in the days of Roman grandeur, at no great distance, is un- ©BCU Cluj 44 GYPSY ENCAMPMENTS. touched. The finger of old Rome is not uncommon in these valleys, and one is quite prepared to accept the tradition that any work involving the outlay of time and labour was theirs. The road in question, however, is a continuation of that entering Sieben­ bürgen from the west by the pass of the Iron Gate, and was constructed by Trajan shortly after the first occupation of the province and the final defeat of Decebalus.

After about fifteen miles of this country, there is a broad opening, presenting a scene singularly rich, lovely, and cultivated, through which the road winds easily and quietly along for some further distance. Then, for a time, the river channel is interrupted by precipitous rocks, and the valley becomes more shut in, being darkened by forests of oak, much of the wood in a state of nature. The upper part of the Maros is exceedingly wild and beautiful, but it is a wide river, and the quantity of water in it varies much with the season, and affects considerably the picturesque result.

The approach to Deva is marked by a change in the character of the scenery. The valley, always pic­ turesque, closes in, and near the town is an isolated rock, on whose summit are the ruins of a fortress, whose origin common report attributes to the Romans. No doubt it has been a strong place from time immemorial, but it has for some time been in a state of decay, and at the revolution in 1818 what little remained was blown up. It is a picturesque ruin, and, being in a country where ruins are not often picturesque, is perhaps the more appreciated.

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