Ancient Food Technology (Technology and Change in History) by Robert I. Curtis

By Robert I. Curtis

This article discusses suggestions in foodstuff processing and renovation from the palaeolithic interval via to the overdue Roman Empire. It considers the quintessential position nutrients know-how performed within the political, financial, and social textile of historic society.

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T h i s p e r m i t ted a n evolution w h e r e b y e n e r g y , otherwise utilized for a larger gut to digest plant foods, was diverted to the b r a i n . T h e e x t r a e n e r g y went i n t o s u p p o r t i n g a l a r g e r b r a i n . T h e r e m a y also b e a correlation b e t w e e n increased b r a i n size a n d tin‫ ־‬extra e n e r g y a c q u i r e d by a m o t h e r w h o s e diet b e g a n to b e m o r e heavily m e a t b a s e d . T h e m o t h e r ' s a d d e d e n e r g y was passed o n to h e r fetus w h o s e b r a i n size t h e r e b y increased.

2 6 4 - 3 4 3 ; G o w l e t t , Ascent to Civilization, p p . 1 1 0 - 1 3 ; W y m c r , Palaeolithic Age, p p . 1 4 5 - 5 6 ; Dickson, Ancient Preludes, p p . 2 0 9 - 1 4 ; B r a i d w o o d , Prehistoric Men, p p . 5 0 58. ()WER AND MIDDLE PALEOLITHIC PERIODS precision grasping, development of shoulders, ribs, and waist to aid movement and maneuverability, a more sophisticated brain structure leading to increased cognitive skills, and perhaps a rudimentary form of speech. H. 0 mya perhaps to Europe.

S u p r i j o , a n d W i d i a s m o r o , "Latest Homo erectus of J a v a : Potential C o n t e m p o r a n e ity with Homo sapiens in S o u t h e a s t Asia," Science 2 7 4 (13 Dec. 1996): 1 8 7 0 - 7 4 ; A n n G i b b o n s , "Homo erectus in J a v a : A 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 - Y e a r A n a c h r o n i s m , " Science 2 7 4 (13 Dec. 1996): 1 8 4 1 - 4 2 ; Dicksoil, Ancient Preludes, p p . 187 90; W y m e r , Palaeolithic Age, p p . 46, 138 39; J o h n A. J . G o w l e t t , Ascent to Civilization.

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