Antarctic Seals: Research Methods and Techniques by R. M. Laws

By R. M. Laws

This publication describes the tools and methods for box reports of the inhabitants ecology of seals to be able to assemble simple medical details and to help in conservation efforts. The papers during this booklet make particular techniques for estimating inhabitants sizes, for learning their habit on land and at sea, and for immobilizing, taking pictures, marking, and, the place worthwhile, humanely killing seals which will learn body structure, nutrition, bioenergetics, and make age determinations.

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A second survey of seals in the King Haakon VII Sea, Antarctica. S. Afr. J. Antarct. , 5, 31-6. W. B. SINIFF AND J. HARWOOD Introduction This chapter provides a review of the methods which are currently available for estimating the size of Antarctic seal populations. Such estimates have a wide range of potential uses, ranging from the evaluation of the status of a species as part of a management or conservation plan, to the use of the species' abundance as an indicator of prey availability. However, there is no one estimation technique which is suitable for all purposes.

Antarct. Res. Exped. , no. 16, 1-34. J. 1974. Observations on population density and species composition of seals in the King Haakon VII Sea (Antarctica). S. Afr. J. Antarct. Res, 4, 34-9. M. 1953. ) /. Growth and age. Sci Rep. Falkland Is. Dep. , no. 8, 1-62. M. 1984. Seals In Antarctic Ecology, vol. M. Laws, pp. 621-715. Academic Press, London. M. J. 1957. A mass dying of crabeater seals, Lobodon carcinophagus (Gray). Proc. Zool. Soc, Lond. 129, 315-24. B 1958. Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses. A review of the Pinnipedia.

In all cases, operation in the field is made much easier if the camera can be fitted with a back capable of holding large rolls of film. Correct focus is also critically important in obtaining good quality photographs. Autofocus lenses can provide very good results with handheld cameras but these are frighteningly expensive for large format cameras. If a large format camera is used it is important to calibrate the focus ring on the lens correctly before the survey, because the marked gradations are often imprecise.

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