Atlas of the Geographic Distribution of the Arvicoline by Georgy I. Shenbrot, Boris R. Krasnov

By Georgy I. Shenbrot, Boris R. Krasnov

Any dwelling organism is sent somewhere. plenty of info on species documents are scattered in courses and museum catalogues, yet just a couple of taxa have merited sufficient cognizance for a compilation of the on hand information on their geographic distribution. This booklet is aimed to fill during this hole for the species of the rodent subfamily Arvicolinae. It represents an atlas of the worldwide distribution of all 139 arvicoline species. Distribution maps are compiled from documents from the literature and museum catalogues. A map for every species is gifted as either list issues and a polygon of a anticipated distribution. The list issues have been georeferenced whereas the polygons of expected distributions have been built utilizing the GARP set of rules. The booklet offers an inventory of and distributional facts for the subspecies in addition to taxonomic notes and references. the quantity is addressed to experts in theriology, taxonomists, biogeographers and conservationists. will probably be of use to any zoological library.

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