AWWA standard for reduced-wall, resilient-seated gate valves by American National Standards Institute.; American Water Works

By American National Standards Institute.; American Water Works Association

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3 should be performed prior t o installation. Sec. 1 Bolts All bolts should be checked for proper tightness and protected by the installer to prevent corrosion, either with a suitable paint or by polyethylene wrapping or other suitable means of corrosion protection. Sec. 2 Underground Installation Valves in water-distribution lines shall, where practical, be located in easily accessible areas. 1 During installation, there is the possibility of foreign materials inadver- tently entering the valve.

If repair work is necessary, it should be indicated, and, on completion of the work, the nature of the repairs and date completed should be recorded. 7: REPAIRS Leakage, broken parts, hard operation, and other major defects should be corrected by a repair crew as soon as possible after the defect is reported. If repairs are to be performed in the field, the repair crew should take a full complement of spare parts to the job site. Provisions should be made to isolate the defective valve from water pressure and relieve internal trapped pressure prior to performing any corrective maintenance.

A recording system should be adopted that provides a written record of valve location, condition, maintenance, and each subsequent inspection of the valve. Copyright American Water Works Association Provided by IHS under license with AWWA No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Licensee=Earth Tech Inc/5906698001, User=Yanez, Simon Not for Resale, 05/08/2008 13:27:26 MDT 24 AWWA C515-O1 Sec. 2 Inspection Each valve should be operated through one complete operating cycle.

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