Axman Cometh by John Farris

By John Farris

As soon as she cowered in a gloomy room whereas the Axman murdered her kin. Now, 20 years later, she struggles to recollect the face of the crazed killer to finish her personal frustration. yet, a blackout traps her in an elevator with a stranger--a stranger who may be the Axman!

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Yes, exactly. ”), he may employ a mesmerizing gaze, he may mark his territory with casual touches... in short, he will build up the ego in order to break it down more comfortably later. (For further study: Compare this approach with the socially accepted mating behavior of non-Ps and explain their divorce rate of nearly 50%. ” (Samuel Johnson) Modus Operandi: Find the prey’s weak spot – an open wound is like an open door (vulnus porta) – , thus touching its heart. ) Thus, you are not merely another human, but a mirror and echo: Understanding and feeling the same pain, you achieve closeness, you break through boundaries, as the prey’s rejection would be tantamount to a rejection of its own being.

But neither will change the facts. Once you’ve glanced behind the curtain, you can no longer pretend that the show is real. 10. General poverty of deep and lasting emotions. Not sure why this deserves another item on the list. The idolization of emotions as some kind of “deeper” truth is simply repulsive: Emotions are the coins inserted into the machine to make them perform absurd contortions. They are the carrot and the stick of Mother Nature, the bitch. One might as well talk approvingly of a “deep and lasting” drug intoxication.

Trembling and howling, you will squirm about the Earth and your cries will shout for truths no longer in your grasp. With shimmering wombs bared we leave you behind. For then your eyes will see amidst the awful terror when you finally understand that the offering of your tears is our grace and that you will pay for the pain you are thirsting to end with even far more pain. You will look for us when we are long past, imploring us with your withered tongues, begging for salvation amidst the laughter of the crawling worms.

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