Bargain with the Devil (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance) by Jayne Castle

By Jayne Castle

PB Romance

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Hunter, you had that coming,“ she argued, refusing to obey him, although she could feel the bonds of his will reaching out to tug insistently. “ „I didn’t slap you or hit you,“ he pointed out almost gently. “ she scoffed, raising her chin bravely. „Yes,“ he said simply, lifting his fingers to the still-dark mark on his cheek. „It stings,“ he observed. “ Stacy bit her lip, feeling suddenly contrite in spite of the circumstances. “ she whispered in a small voice. „I’m afraid so,“ he nodded. “ Stacy swallowed, not seeing any convenient way out of the dilemma.

But you could have at least mentioned there was someone else in the picture! I thought we –“ „Gary, until very, very recently there was no one else,“ Stacy said as gently as possible, her hand reaching across the table in a placating gesture that he shrugged off in irritation. „It’s all happened very quickly. I’ve… I’ve told you as soon as I could, please believe me,“ she begged, green eyes beseeching. „It’s a complicated story and one I really can’t go into.

Stacy felt like a small animal in a cage, hurtling painfully against the bars and gaining nothing. “ she panted, and then his mouth was crushing hers, giving no quarter in the battle for her inner warmth. He sought only some sign of surrender, and Stacy’s instincts told her everything would go much easier for her if she gave it to him. But still she fought, unwilling to allow him total control of herself and her future. „I’ve told you not to think too much about my rights,“ he reminded her, his mouth grating across the softness of her lips.

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