Bears Without Fear by Kevin Van Tighem

By Kevin Van Tighem

Bears: with out worry
Fear of bears turns out virtually to be a part of what it really is to be human.
Our species emerged out of the depths of time right into a international already populated by means of those nice carnivores.
Before we mastered iron and later constructed firearms, we had few defences opposed to bears—only watchful warning and complex ceremonies and sacrifices to thrust back fear.
Where human populations develop, bears have usually faded or disappeared. but if we go back to the wild, to areas the place bears nonetheless live on, all our primeval fears wake up again.
The hazard of an car coincidence so as to undergo kingdom some distance outstrips the danger of a close-range come across with a endure, yet its the endure that concerns us as we hurtle down the pavement at 100 kilometres an hour.
In this well timed and delicate e-book, Kevin Van Tighem calls on a long time of expertise, wisdom and knowing with a view to enlighten readers approximately our courting with and perspective towards bears.
Along the best way we're faced with the realities confronting those nice animals due to our ever-expanding human inhabitants and their ever-shrinking normal habitat. via historic study, box commentary, sensible recommendation, own anecdotes and an array of beautiful pictures, Van Tighem has written a finished booklet that's intended to demystify bears as a way to advertise a deeper figuring out of those robust but weak creatures.

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For several years Kay and Andy continued to guide hunters, fishermen and adventurers into the wilderness of the upper Oldman, Castle and Flathead Rivers. But the Alberta and BC governments wanted to develop oil, coal and timber resources, not protect 47 wilderness. The governments pushed new roads into once-quiet valleys until Andy could no longer offer clients the solitude, untrammelled countryside and abundant wildlife his father-in-law had taken for granted. Even Waterton Lakes National Park, though spared industrial development, was becoming too tame and regulated as its popularity with tourists grew.

Black bears, generally less valued by park authorities of the day, died at an even higher rate, but their lower profile meant their deaths were less well documented. Management action – death by 36 warden – was by far the biggest single cause of unnatural bear deaths in Banff and other national parks. In 1971 Parks Canada shut down the Lake Louise garbage dump and, ten years later, finally closed the dump near Banff. At the same time, it worked with private companies to develop new, bear-proof garbage bins that replaced the old “bear-feeder” garbage cans that had led so many bears to their first taste of trouble.

His hunting companions, concerned that the president hadn’t had much luck, ran a black bear down with hounds. After a fierce struggle during which the bear killed one of the dogs, they chained the bear to a tree for Roosevelt to shoot. Roosevelt, an ardent conservationist who believed strongly in the principles of fair chase, indignantly refused to kill the helpless animal. The Washington Post commemorated the president’s action with a cartoon by Clifford Berryman that quickly became famous as an icon for sportsmanlike restraint.

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