Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax (2nd by Christian Heilmann, Russ Ferguson

By Christian Heilmann, Russ Ferguson

Starting JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax is a vital source for contemporary JavaScript programming. This thoroughly up-to-date moment variation covers every little thing you must recognize to get up-to-speed with JavaScript improvement and upload dynamic improvements to web content, correct from the fundamentals. in addition to targeting client-side JavaScript, additionally, you will how one can paintings with the Browser item version, the record item version (DOM), the right way to use XML and JSON in addition to speak with provider part scripts resembling personal home page. learn the way to:
* build sturdy JavaScript syntax following sleek coding practices
* Use JavaScript to speak with the server and retrieve data
* Dynamically manage markup, validate varieties and take care of images
* Debug purposes utilizing positive factors contained in the browser

JavaScript is likely one of the most vital applied sciences on the internet. It presents the capacity so as to add dynamic performance for your websites and serves because the spine of Ajax-style net improvement. starting JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax will take you from being a JavaScript amateur to paintings freely with this crucial expertise - start your JavaScript trip at the present time!

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In loop (which has been around since Netscape Navigator 2, although Internet Explorer has supported it only since IE5). in loop runs though each item in the array using a variable to access the array. write( "item value is " + theBeatles[indexKey] + "

" ); } The results of the item key in indexKey at each iteration of the loop is written out alongside the value extracted from the array using that key in the same order as it occurs in the array: indexKey is Drummer item value is Ringo indexKey is SingerRhythmGuitar item value is John indexKey is SingerBassGuitar item value is Paul indexKey is SingerLeadGuitar item value is George Repeating Actions According to a Decision: The while Loop The loops you have been working with so far take the instruction to stop looping from inside the script itself.

This is where the primitive Boolean data type comes in useful. Loops are the other essential tool of decision making, enabling you to loop through user input or an array, for example, and make decisions accordingly. 36 Chapter 2 ■ Data and Decisions The Logical and Comparison Operators There are two main groups of operators we’ll look at: • Data comparison operators: Compare operands and return Boolean values • Logical operators: Test for more than one condition We’ll start with the comparison operators.

Cascading style sheets are powerful because they allow you to define the look and feel of numerous web documents in a single file that will be cached by the user agent. js file. In earlier chapters of this book, we embedded JavaScript directly in HTML documents. js"> We should also try not to use any script blocks inside the document any longer, mainly because that would mix the structure and the behavior layers and can cause a user agent to stop showing the page if a JavaScript error occurs.

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