Begonia Brown: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons

By Julia Press Simmons

Begonia's carefree global has been became the wrong way up. pressured to turn into the pinnacle of her family she has to exchange her paintbrush in for a switchblade, and her love of paintings right into a love affair with the hood. mendacity, stealing, and turning tips, Begonia will do any and every little thing she will be able to to guard her sisters from the ugliness of the area. notwithstanding, it isn't enough... while her more youthful sister Violet, wanting to get away the hell her lifestyles has develop into is seduced by means of an up and coming nook boy, and their child sister Daisy is riddled with ailment that may be deadly if now not cared for, Begonia is stuck among the challenging knocks of the streets and the nightmare of her domestic lifestyles. From the severely acclaimed writer of Strawberry Mansion comes the story of Begonia Brown. Raised within the unforgiving streets of North Philadelphia, Begonia Brown is absolutely a made of her atmosphere, younger, ruthless, and criminally minded.

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The mop water smell was worse out here, she noted. She peeked down the stairs trying to see if Peter, the security guard, was at his desk. No Peter, she thought as she started down. She clung to the wall avoiding the rickety banister and all of the squeaky steps. Once at the kitchen door, she dropped to one knee peered at the lock. Bending the bobby pin back with her teeth she inserted into the lock. “Awwwww, come on,” she whispered. ” She curled the other half of the bobby pin into the lock, jiggled it around a bit, turned the handle, and almost fell on her face when the door sprang open.

Her voice cracked out like lightning. ” Begonia smoothed back her hair, and braced Daisy against her shoulder. Then she tore the top drawer of the dresser out looking for Daisy’s glucometer. ” Violet burst into the room breathless. ” She said handing Begonia the needle and what looked like an empty vile. “What do you mean this is it? ” Begonia fought down the lump in her throat. Daisy moaned against her neck. That’s it, girl, wake up! You’re a fighter! Violet began to cry. “I looked all over the kitchen, Bee.

Dave recognized the truth in the statement by the hate in her eyes. ” Doreen screamed. She stretched out her arms towards Begonia, but stayed glued to the seat. ” Begonia’s jaw clenched. I know this bitch just didn’t scream out for him. Dave looked down at Begonia as if she’d grown horns. ” He held his hands up, and stood on his tippy toes trying to distance himself from the blade in Begonia’s hand. “Look, put the knife away. ” He looked over at Doreen who was trying to curl up into a ball on the chair.

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