Behind the Bell: Behind the Scenes of Saved by the Bell with by Dustin Diamond

By Dustin Diamond

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The first time I met my new cast mates for SBTB was when we were all ushered into a small, bare, windowless room at NBC Studios containing a single table. Mark-Paul, Lark, Dennis, and I sat on one side, and Tiffani, Elizabeth, and Mario sat on the other. It was a typical, first-day-of-school kind of moment for all of us. Sort of a non moment, actually, though I do recall staring in rapt wonderment at the permed mullet of the swarthy Latino in the neon, sleeveless tank. Mario was a man-whore. I mean, so was I eventually, hell, so are most guys at some point in their lives if they can get away with it.

Just another notch on Mario舗s bedpost. These girls kept cycling through Mario舗s revolving dressing room door, and after a while you just had to feel bad for them. Another one lured in by Mario? How can they not see through his cheesy game? In his heyday, Mario even had the balls to bang one of the female executives from Rysher Entertainment, the company that distributed SBTB in syndication. She used to show up at the set all smiles and touchy-feely. Obviously their relationship was supposed to be a secret, but we always knew who was banging whom.

Better to go with the flow of a hard-charging river than try swimming against the current, I guess. All Mario舗s aggression and anger issues made me think, 舠Man, you舗re a TV star, you can舗t be going around getting into fist fights. One of these days you舗re gonna get jammed up. 舡 Or, I thought, Mario might punch the wrong dude, get his ass handed to him, and lose his cushy TV job as a result. I think St. Peter would have frowned upon Slater missing all his front teeth. ; he could even have wound up stabbed fifty times in an alley or shot in the face on the freeway.

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