Beyond the Black Stump by Nevil Shute

By Nevil Shute

Stanton Laird, a tender American geologist with a mystery, involves the Australian outback to go looking for oil. There he meets an unconventional farming kin and falls in love with their Mollie Regan. despite the fact that cultural changes among Stanton’s and Mollie’s worlds strength the 2 fans to make tough judgements.

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Take a bit of time, 'n think it over. Hazel's a small town, and you've been travelling around the world, and going places. Maybe you'd find Hazel a hit small. ' 'I wouldn't mind spending my life here,' Stanton said. ' 'None of the West's small, Dad,' said his son. 'It's still the Frontier here. Hazel's not the same as a small town back East, say in Connecticut. It's still pioneering here, opening things up 'n getting new things started. Why, lots of the roads around here aren't paved yet, 'n you can go thirty miles and never pass a gas station.

If there's a scratch on it I'll bill you for it,' he threatened, laughing. 'Nary a scratch, Dad. ' 'I know it. Dirk Hronsky did that when he went off the road,' He turned to his son, more serious. ' They went into the office. His father closed the door. 'I wanted to talk without your mother hearing everything,' he said. ' The geologist opened his eyes. 'Sure, Dad. I got a swell job. ' 'I kind of like the work, Dad. ' He paused. ' There was a pause. 'I never thought about it, Dad. I dunno that there's much here I could do.

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