Big Medicine by Louis L'Amour

By Louis L'Amour

A brief novel and 3 tales, restored to their unique journal versions.

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He was still trying this when hoof beats sounded on the road. He looked around wildly, fearful of Lowe’s return. Then a wave of relief went over him. It was Blue Riddle! ” Blue exclaimed. ” He swung down from his horse and hastily extricated Dusty from his predicament. Barron explained. “They wanted me killed, so it would look like I was dragged to death. ” Riddle protested. ” Barron grinned, and then gasped as his bruised face twinged with pain. “That was a copy. I put the agreement down an’ traced over it.

Dick Lowe’s hard face twisted with fury as he wheeled, stepping down into the dust. He stopped in the street, and Cat McQuill and Bender moved out to either side. Dusty Barron walked steadily down the street, his eyes on Dick Lowe. All three men were dangerous, but Lowe was the man he wanted, and Lowe was the man he intended to get first. ” he said, speaking to Bender and McQuill. “He’s wanted for murder in Saint Louis! ” Bender snarled. Dusty Barron walked on. The sun was bright in the street, and little puffs of dust arose at every step.

Sure,” Dusty agreed. ” On the plank steps of the hotel he waited until Riddle caught up with him. ” Blue demanded. ” “I’m goin’ out,” Dusty agreed. “I want a look at the ranch myself. If I can ride out there, I can get an idea what kind of stock he’s got and what shape the ranch is in. I’ve got a hunch, if we make a cash settlement, Lowe isn’t goin’ to give us much more chance to look around if he can help it. Besides, I’ve talked in front o’ the folks here in town, and rough as some of them may be, they ain’t goin’ to see no orphans get gypped.

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