Biochemistry of Nonheme Iron by Anatoly Bezkorovainy

By Anatoly Bezkorovainy

Atomic biology has come of age. curiosity within the position of chemical parts in existence techniques has captured the mind's eye of a large spectrum of analysis scientists-ranging from the nutritionist to the biochemist, the inorganic chemist, or even to a couple biophysicists. This sequence, Biochemistry of the weather, is a popularity of this expanding curiosity. whilst entire, the books will gather the difficult evidence about the biochemistry of every element-singly or in a logical grouping. The sequence will offer an enduring reference for this energetic and starting to be box. each one quantity shall signify an built-in attempt via one or numerous authors to explain the present wisdom of an element(s) or the tools in which it's studied. Iron is the single aspect to which we've got dedicated volumes, simply because its organic and chemical position is so flexible and intricate. those volumes will deal with the 2 major structural different types of iron: heme and nonheme iron. during this quantity on nonheme iron, the 1st within the sequence, Anatoly Bezkorovainy presents what we think is the main accomplished therapy of this significant topic.

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4 Iron Determination in Biological Systems The traditional methods for the determination of iron in biological systems have been colorimetric in nature, since physical methods such as atomic absorption do not show an advantage. An exception is the recently developed method of X-ray activation analysis, which can provide a wholly new dimension in trace metal analysis of biological systems. Table 1-12. Variation of Serum Iron and Total Serum Iron-Binding Capacity with Disease Statesa,b Disease Iron deficiency anemia Infection or malignancy Hemolytic anemia Hemochromatosis Nephrosis Hepatic cirrhosis Hepatitis a b TI dd d ii d o or d ii TIBC i 0 0 o or d dd o or d % Saturation of transferrin dd Variable ii 0 From Tietz (1976).

Finch, C. , Cook, J. , Eschbach, J. , Harker, L. , Funk, D. , Hillman, R. , Adamson, J. , and Giblett, E. , 1970. Ferrokinetics in man, 1. Clin Invest. 49:17-53. Hahn, P. , Bale, W. , Lawrence, E. , and Whipple, G. , 1939. Radioactive iron and its metabolism in anemia; its absorption, transportation and utilization, 1. Exp. Med. 69:739-753. , and Finch, C. , 1967. Blood ferrokinetics in normal man, 1. Clin. Invest. 46: 1-9. Huff, R. , Hennessy, T. , Austin, R. , Garcia, J. , Roberts, B. , and Lawrence, J.

Of the approximately 4 g of iron present in the human organism, over 95% can be accounted for by the iron content of hemoglobin, myoglobin, ferritin and hemosiderin, cytochrome c, catalase, and transferrin. The greatest amount of information on iron content of biological materials is available on blood and its components, because of its diagnostic value in medical practice. Human plasma contains approximately 100 f1g ofiron/dl and the total iron-binding capacity of plasma is about three times that much.

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