Biological anthropology : the natural history of humankind by Craig B Stanford; John S Allen; Susan C Antón

By Craig B Stanford; John S Allen; Susan C Antón

This textbook provides a survey of actual anthropology, the department of anthropology that reviews the actual improvement of the human species. It performs a tremendous half within the examine of human origins and within the research and id of human is still for felony reasons. It attracts upon human physique measurements, human genetics, and the examine of human bones and comprises the learn of human mind evolution, and of Read more...

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Molecular Neurobiology of the Mammalian Brain

The human mind is the internal universe wherein all exterior occasions are perceived. That truth on my own may still make sure that neuroscience will ultimately obtain most sensible precedence within the checklist of human endeavors. The mind represents the head of class within the realm of residing structures. but it's a less than excellent organ, whose disasters in affliction strategies bring about the profession of greater than 1/2 all health center beds and whose variable functionality within the fit nation contributes in undetermined measure to the world's social difficulties.

An Introduction to Rumen Studies

The rumen is an item of research for lots of sorts of organic scientist, from anatomists to microbiologists, and extra lately even mathematicians. The advancements and use of assorted experimental concepts have enabled a lot development to be made in rumen reports. numerous chapters of this booklet pay attention to those options and ideas that stem from their program.

Neurobiology of monotremes : brain evolution in our distant mammalian cousins

The monotremes are an strange and evolutionarily very important crew of mammals displaying remarkable behavioral and physiological variations to their niches. they're the single mammals displaying electroreception (in the trigeminal sensory pathways) and the echidna exhibits precise olfactory specializations.

Wolves on the Hunt: The Behavior of Wolves Hunting Wild Prey

The interactions among apex predators and their prey are the most extraordinary and significant in nature—displays of energy, patience, and a deep coevolutionary heritage. and there's possibly no apex predator extra outstanding and demanding in its hunting—or extra notorious, extra misjudged—than the wolf.

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S. secretary of state, represented the state of Tennessee and argued that Scopes should be fired for espousing views that ran counter to literal acceptance of the age of the earth and of humankind as described in the Old Testament. On the witness stand, Darrow forced Bryan to acknowledge that the six-day creation of the Book of Genesis, along with the idea that the earth was very young, were powerful myths not meant to be taken literally. In the end, Scopes was found guilty, was fined $100, and lost his job.

If the data supporting the flat-Earth hypothesis are weak, and the weight of scientific evidence indicates that the earth is round, the flat-Earth research will be ignored or overturned. In other words, the hypothesis that the earth is flat is falsifiable. Such falsifiability is a defining trait of science. It means that rarely does a scientist claim to have “proven” anything. Instead, results are presented, and a hypothesis is either supported or rejected. Falsifiability is also a primary reason why science is such a powerful way to understand the world around us: The opportunity always exists for others to come along and correct earlier mistakes.

Cuvier and his supporters sought to explain away these fossils by embracing the concept of extinction and change, but with a biblical twist. They advocated a theory now known as catastrophism, in which cataclysmic disasters were believed to have wiped out earlier forms of life on Earth. One such natural disaster that Cuvier had in mind was Noah’s flood. After such an event, Cuvier argued, more advanced animals from other regions of the world moved in to repopulate the flooded area. These replacement populations were thought to be more advanced than the originals.

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