Biology of Bats by William Wimsatt (Eds.)

By William Wimsatt (Eds.)

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15. 1. 43 44 GLENN L . JEPSEN no living link to other insectivores and that if its fingers and connecting membranes were greatly lengthened by natural selection it could have been converted into a bat. Of course, but he did not suggest any pres­ sures for the change. Now the "flying lemur" is the only living form in the order Dermoptera. Not to my knowledge has anyone made a detailed and thorough com­ parison of dermopteran and chiropteran structures and functions al­ though many authors have noted superficial likenesses.

About 3 . 7 5 χ . acetabulum anterolateral process of seventh lumbar vertebra calcaneum first caudal vertebra fourth caudal vertebra fibula greater (major) trochanter of femur head of femur crest of right ilium ischial tuberosity Ls Mtl Mt5 Ο Prl Sa S2-5 Ti Τ2 seventh lumbar vertebra metatarsal of first digit (big toe) metatarsal of fifth digit obturator foramen proximal phalange of first digit sacrum second (middle) phalanges of second to fifth digits tibia terminal phalange (claw) of sec­ ond digit B A T ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION Fig.

An C Cp c il,2,3 Left dentary. 5% χ . angular process of left dentary upper left canine coronoid process lower canine first, second, and third lower left incisors Ζ ml,2,3 Mf p2,3,4 Vd first, second, and third lower left molars mental foramina second, third, and fourth lower left premolars ventral border of right dentary zyp omatic arch Fig. 8. 1. BAT ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION 29 30 GLENN L. JEPSEN Although the development of endothermy and of nocturnal habits by insects enables them to avoid the predations of diurnal (day-feeding) birds it exposes them to the predatory capacities of insectivorous bats.

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