Biosonar by Annemarie Surlykke, Paul E. Nachtigall, Richard R. Fay,

By Annemarie Surlykke, Paul E. Nachtigall, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper (eds.)

Two teams of animals, bats and odontocetes (toothed whales), have independently built the power to orient and observe prey by way of biosonar (echolocation). This energetic mechanism of orientation permits those animals to function lower than low gentle stipulations. Biosonar is a conceptual assessment of what's recognized approximately biosonar in bats and odontocetes. Chapters are written by means of bat and odontocetes specialists, leading to collaborations that not just study information on either animals, but in addition evaluate and distinction mechanisms. This publication offers a special perception that might aid enhance our figuring out of biosonar in either animal teams.

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7 Variations in echolocation calls produced by foraging Eptesicus bottae. (After Holderied et al. 2005. Reproduced with permission of Journal of Experimental Biology) calls 1 through 5 are progressively closer to contact with prey Fig. 8 Variation in echolocation calls produced by foraging Mormopterus minuta. (After Mora et al. 2011. Reproduced with permission of the editor of Acta Chiropterologica) 30 B. ) Fenton et al. Fig. 9 Echolocation clicks of odontocetes can be categorized into four general types of clicks.

In this situation, ICIs may reflect distance to target. This relationship is less clear when bats produce more than one call in a short time or for bats that can detect a Doppler-shifted echo while still emitting a call. , Holland et al. 2004), and in some situations E. fuscus emit echolocation calls in bursts. This “stroboscopic” approach to echolocation involves a brief series of calls produced in rapid succession with adjacent calls sometimes differing in frequency (Hiryu et al. 2010). SENTENCE ON DOPPLER CW?

These two sound generators are nearly symmetric in nonwhistling species, including all porpoises. While both pairs are likely used to produce sound, harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) produce echolocation clicks preferentially with the right set of phonic lips (Madsen et al. 2010). In whistling species, such as most delphinids, the two pairs of phonic lips are asymmetric. The right set of phonic lips is larger and may be more specialized for producing high-amplitude echolocation clicks (Cranford 2000).

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