Bona Dea: The Sources and a Description of the Cult by H H J Brouwer

By H H J Brouwer

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Cf. also Vaglieri, Bona Dea, p. 1013; Hey, Bona Dea, p. 2071; Wissowa, , RKR. p. 218 and note 7; Latte, RR , p. 231 and note 1; Chantraine, p . 203; p. 313, No. 142. 1. 4-5: The N of n(ostri) is written N; for the addition of noster to the Emperor's name or title cf. Chantraine, pp. 193-215 (Die Erweiterung der Freigelassenen- und Sklavennomenklatur dureh NOSTER). Cf. also Chantraine, p. 313, No. 142: "Faustinus stellt lediglich eine Variante zu Faustianus dar. Doch ist die Inschrift nur abschriftlich erhalten.

From Rome afterwards in Rossie Priory (Perthshire), Scotland. 854 = lLS 3504. ) / Gemellus Au(gusti) . Dedicated to Bona Dea Castrensis. Gemellus, slave of the Emperor. Imperial Age. Cl L: "tabella marmorea origin is sine dubio urbanae. " G. (Lord) Kinnaird, Notes and Reminiscences of Rossie Priory, Dundee, 1877, p. 21, No . 104. " Cf. also Vaglieri, Bona Dea, p. 1013; Hey, Bona Dea , p . 2071 ; Wissowa, RKR, p. 218 & note 8; Latte, RR , p. 231 and notes I & 2. " "AlIa sopradetta serie di offerte votive di cui si aveva gia contezza, piacemi aggiungere una nuova tuttora inedita, ed oggi custodita nel palazzo Capitolin~ detto dei Conservatori; cioe a dire, una piccolissima laminetta in oro sulla quale in minutissimi caratteri si legge: Voluptas Rutuleia Bonae Deae d(ono) drat) pro Hermete.

1. g. L. Chatelam. Le cu/te de Silvain en Afrique et i'inscription de la plaine de Sers (Tunisie) in MEFR XXX (1910), (pp. 77-97), p. 89. M. Kaufmann, Handbuch der 11 a/tchristlichen Epigraphik, Freiburg ilB, 1917, p. 33. 1. 4: alumn(a)e: Cf. Lewis and Short, p. 99, s. v. alumnus (B).. 1. 5: Ael(iae) Thalasse et Ael(iae) Serapiae: CIL "exemplum dedI Mazochu correctum in emend. " 26. Sepulchral inscription. H. 255; W. 21, W. 17 m; D. cannot be measured as the slab is fixed to the wall. The nght part is lost.

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