Boundaries and Passages: Rule and Ritual in Yup'Ik Eskimo by Ann Fienup-Riordan

By Ann Fienup-Riordan

This ebook brings jointly as whole a checklist of conventional Yup’ik ideas and rituals as is feasible within the past due 20th century. Incorporating elders’ reminiscences of the approach of governed barriers and formality passages that guided their mom and dad and grandparents a century in the past, Ann Fienup-Riordan brings into concentration the advanced, inventive Yup’ik global view-expressed by way of ceremonial exchanges and the biking of names, presents, and persons-which maintains to form lifestyle in groups alongside the Bering coastline.

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In Paul John's version of the story, the bearded seal advises the boy as follows: When you arrive at your place, you might be lazy to shovel the doorways of others in your village when the weather is bad. Listen to someone up above, one of the men from your home who is taking care of doorways in such weather instead of lounging. And as he hurls the snow off his shovel, you can hear it land on the roof of our house. Listen to him cleaning the pathway so carefully, as he clears the way he will use when he comes to catch one of us in the spring.

More recently I have been overwhelmed by the eloquence of the ideal ''rules for living"the alerquutet (prescriptions) and inerquutet (prohibitions)that forged the shifting and permeable boundaries between the human, animal, and spirit worlds and the ritual acts that created the pathways between them. In their rules for living, Yup'ik people paid particular attention to the senses of human and nonhuman persons, both the living and the dead. They believed all persons possessed thought; the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch; and hunger and thirst.

Marys, Yukon River 1912 William Tyson St. Marys and Anchorage 1916 Joe Friday Chevak 1906 Joe Ayagerak, Sr. Chevak 1915 David Boyscout Chevak 1922 Kurt Bell Hooper Bay 1910 Mary Worm Kongiganak 1898 Page xxiv Adolph Jimmy Kongiganak 1904 Billy Black Kongiganak 1915 Kenneth Igkurak Kongiganak 1915 Sam Carter Quinhagak 1915 Joe Beaver Goodnews Bay 1909 Mary Beaver Goodnews Bay 1913 Eddie Alexie Togiak 1910 Evon Albrite Kasigluk 1908 Herman Neck Kasigluk 1909 Nastasia Kassel Kasigluk 1910 Wassilie Berlin Kasigluk 1916 Matthew Frye Napakiak, Kuskokwim River 1901 James Lott Tuluksak, Kuskokwim River 1908 Joshua Phillip Tuluksak, Kuskokwim River 1909 Mary Napoka Tuluksak, Kuskokwim River 1916 Page 3 Chapter 1 Metaphors to Live By: The Boy Who Went to Live with the Seals and the Girl Who Returned from the Dead The angalkuq [shaman], observing the ways of our ancestors, compelled a young person to go with the seals out to sea.

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