Central Regulation of the Pituitary-Adrenal Complex by E. V. Naumenko

By E. V. Naumenko

This monograph provides an up to date account of the unique result of the author's learn within the complicated box of the imperative regulate over relationships that have develop into demonstrated during evolution among the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. the writer has restricted the scope of this learn on logical grounds to the learn of primary chemically reactive buildings within the rules of the adrenal glands during the middleman of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal approach. in the course of the author's ability and services within the research of the huge and infrequently complex literature he has effectively undertaken a differential method of the research of the concrete position of catecholamines, acetylcholine, and serotonin with regards to the endocrine method. The monstrous diversity of experimental investigations and result of medical observations released within the previous couple of a long time have published the humoral neurosecretory elements of the hypothalamus as impor­ tant regulators of the princ ipal services of the pituitary gland and, via it, of the cyclic task of the peripheral crew of endocrine glands. until eventually lately the sector of the cascade of regulatory in­ fluences previous the hypothalamus used to be terra incognita. it really is as a result that Evgenii Vladimirovich Naumenko's monograph ac­ quires its targeted value for the neurophysiologist, for its writer has striven, by way of experimental equipment, to check intimately the character of affects which for a very long time have been in­ terpreted because the basic dogmas of an summary "nervism.

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The lowering of the hydrocortisone concentration in healthy persons in a hypnotic state is eVidently similar in its origin (Persky et at, 1959). , 1964). ) as a rule stimulate adrenocortical function. In healthy subjects the blood corticosteroid concentration rises after watching "horror" films in the course of which 30 murders were shown in 1 hour. , 1959). Simulation of the possibility of an accident during an unexpected explosion evokes an increase in the excretion of 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in the urine (Berkun, 1964).

Under these conditions the mean corticosterone level was found to be much lower than in corresponding animals in a waking state, but it did 36 CHAPTER I TABLE 1. 05 'Number of estimations. not differ significantly from the hormone concentration in isolated rats (Table 1). Observations on the natural behavior of male albino rats kept in groups of 10 in a cage and comparison of the group activity with the blood corticosteroid level showed no clear linear relationship between these indices. However, comparison of two extreme groups - those with the highest and those with the lowest indices of dominance - showed that the corticosterone level in the first group was only half that in the second (Popova, 1971; Popova and Naumenko, 1972) (Table 2).

Sandberg et a1. , 1950), found no increase in the excretion of 17 -hydroxycorticosteroids and 17 -ketosteroids, but when they gave cortisone and hydrocortisone in conjunction with adrenalin they found no change in the rate of disappearance of the injected hormones from the ADRENERGIC STRUCTURES 47 blood stream. They therefore concluded that adrenalin does not stimulate the secretion of corticosteroids and does not change their metabolism in the tissues. This conclusion was later confirmed by Bacchus (1954) in rats.

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