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Which has more neutrons? neon-12 c. Which has more protons? They have an equal number of protons. 8. Give the mass number of each isotope. Number of neutrons ϩ number of protons ϭ mass number d. Which has more electrons? They have an equal number of electrons. a. Be with 5 neutrons 5 neutrons ϩ 4 protons ϭ 9 b. Ga with 39 neutrons 39 neutrons ϩ 31 protons ϭ 70 c. Si with 16 neutrons 11. Use the table below to calculate the atomic mass of element X. Then use the periodic table to identify the element.

Use the figure below to answer the following questions. fourth energy level. Electrons in the highest energy level are the least attracted to the nucleus because they are the most distant. 13. What is the ground-state electron configuration 2eϪ 8eϪ 8eϪ 2eϪ of each of the following atoms? Use noble-gas notation. a. selenium [Ar]4s23d104p4 b. krypton a. How many valence electrons does an atom [Kr] or [Ar]4s23d104p6 of this element have? 2 c. chlorine [Ne]3s23p5 b. What is the atom’s electron-dot structure?

Oxygen 42 Chemistry: Matter and Change Supplemental Problems Answer Key Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. questions. ANSWER KEY c. According to the graph, what percent of Earth’s crust is made up of titanium? Of calcium? 1% titanium; 4% calcium 8. Convert the following as indicated. a. Aluminum boils at 2467°C. What is aluminum’s boiling point in SI units? The SI unit of temperature is kelvin. Temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) ϩ 273 ϭ temperature in kelvins (K) 5.

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