Ciba Foundation Symposium - Circulatory and Respiratory Mass by G E W Wolstenholme

By G E W Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's creation (pages 1–2): C. G. Caro
Chapter 2 Interstitial Fluid Pressure?Volume Relationships and Their rules (pages 3–24): Arthur C. Guyton
Chapter three idea of move and delivery methods in Pores and Porous Media (pages 25–48): J. R. Philip
Chapter four trade of drugs via Capillary partitions (pages 49–66): Eugene M. Renkin
Chapter five The Mechanics of the pink cellphone relating to Its provider functionality (pages 67–84): Alan C. Burton
Chapter 6 movement in slim Capillaries from the point of view of Lubrication conception (pages 85–104): M. J. Lighthill
Chapter 7 The stream Behaviour of Particulate Suspensions (pages 105–129): S. G. Mason and H. L. Goldsmith
Chapter eight movement of Human Blood in Glass and Plastic Fibres: A Filmed examine (pages 130–135): E. W. Merrill, H. J. Meiselman, E. R. Gilliland, T. okay. Sherwood and E. W. Salzman
Chapter nine The optimal Elastic homes of Arteries (pages 136–152): M. G. Taylor
Chapter 10 Pressure?Flow relatives in Small Blood Vessels (pages 153–171): C. G. Caro, M. F. Sudlow, T. H. Foley and A. Ur
Chapter eleven pace Distribution and Transition within the Arterial approach (pages 172–202): D. L. Schultz, D. S. Tunstall?Pedoe, G. de J. Lee, A. J. Gunning and B. J. Bellhouse
Chapter 12 The Distribution of fuel movement in Lungs (pages 203–214): J. Mead
Chapter thirteen Behaviour of Airborne debris within the breathing Tract (pages 215–235): Bernard Altshuler
Chapter 14 Turbulent circulation and Particle Deposition within the Trachea (pages 236–255): P. R. Owen
Chapter 15 Pulmonary Capillary circulation, Diffusion air flow and gasoline trade (pages 256–276): John B. West, Jon B. Glazier, John M. B. Hughes and John E. Maloney
Chapter sixteen Diffusive and Convective stream of fuel within the Lung (pages 277–297): L. E. Farhi
Chapter 17 normal dialogue (pages 298–301):
Chapter 18 Chairmen's final feedback (pages 302–304): C. G. Caro and M. J. Lighthill

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