Clouded Rapture (Harlequin Presents #588) by Margaret Pargeter

By Margaret Pargeter

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Spartan was only eight years old and it took Frank all his time to handle him, yet with Brent Holding he was being as good as gold. It was as if he realised the man on his back was boss and wouldn't put up with any nonsense. She recalled Santo rolling around in the saddle of the quiet old hack Frank had borrowed for him, and he hadn't improved. Still, she'd felt more at ease with Santo than she did with his uncle. Often she had been able to forget Santo was there, but she doubted if anyone could overlook Brent Holding, even for a few seconds.

Here she was safe, cocooned from the turbulence of the outside world. After sampling life in London, she had no wish to leave it, and if she tried to please Brent Holding he might relent and give Frank another chance. With vague hopes spinning hazily in her mind, Sari forced herself to reply brightly that she would love to have dinner with him, and while his eyes gleamed with a faint scepticism, she was surprised to find she was speaking the truth. A glow of excitement spread through her and she knew she wasn't thinking wholly of Frank.

After carrying it through she said she was tired and thought she would go straight to bed. She didn't look at Brent as Frank nodded, but she was aware of his hooded glance following her enigmatically as she went out. The next morning Lydia rang. ' she asked, when Sari went to the telephone. 'I hoped it would be. ' 'You know we love seeing you any time,' Sari replied, slightly bewildered, 'but why ask me? ' Lydia laughed. 'But he was rather prickly last night when I suggested it. ' Sari hadn't a clue what Lydia was talking about.

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