Coal gasification guidebook : status, applications, and by Electric Power Research Institute.; SFA Pacific, Inc

By Electric Power Research Institute.; SFA Pacific, Inc

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Sobhy E, Soliman AM (2009) Novel CMOS realization of balanced-output third generation inverting current conveyor with applications. Circ Syst Sig Process 28:1037–1051 66. De Marcellis A, Ferri G, Guerrini NC, Scotti G, Stornelli V, Trifiletti A (2009) The VCG-CCII: a novel building block and its application to capacitance multiplication. Analog Integr Circ Sig Process 58:55–59 67. Chunhua W, Yang L, Qiujing Z, Yu F (2010) Systematic design of fully balanced differential current-mode multiple-loop feedback filters using CFBCCII.

12. A typical circuit made from CA3096AE mixed transistor arrays and LM301 op-amp with a compensating capacitor of 39 pF exhibits a small signal bandwidth of greater than 1 MHz which is only restricted by the PNP transistors’ performance beyond this region. Transfer distortions around À68 to À70 dB can be expected depending upon the load. The X- terminal exhibits an effective parasitic capacitance of about 4 pF whose effect on the circuit performance can be reduced by good circuit layout techniques [8].

1c by ungrounding the emitter of Q2 and calling this terminal as port-Y, removing the resistor R0 and calling the resulting terminal as port-X and finally, naming the current output terminal as portZ. The resulting three port circuit has the property that whatever current is injected into terminal-X, the same current flows into terminal-Y; whatever voltage is apply on terminal-Y the same voltage appears at its terminal-X and finally, whatever current enters terminal-X, the same current is conveyed to port -Z.

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