Coastal houses by Arian Mostaedi

By Arian Mostaedi

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38 In any case, the primary causes of the plight of American sharecroppers in the interwar period can be more satisfactorily explained as the result of a fatal combination of drought, soil exhaustion and world economic slump, rather than wicked landlords and merchants. 36 36 S H A R E C R O P P I N G IN C O N T E X T 33 logical, economic or other reasons the level of risk in farming is high. This is because a sharecropping rent, unlike a fixed rent, is by definition directly related to the size of the harvest.

7 In the Middle East, 4 5 6 7 Smith 1776: 391 et passim. Byres 1983: 9 and 11. Ste. Croix 1981: 214 and 216-17. Pratt 1994: 1 and 31; Duby 1968. 10 In more recent periods, sharecropping remained the dominant system in parts of China until the advent of communism in 1947 and in Italy and Turkey until the land reforms of the 1950s in these countries. D. 1212 Several theories have been put forward by economists and others to explain the reasons why and the courses by which sharecropping emerges and is perpetuated in some regions but is absent or is abandoned in others.

Mugharasah (the verbal noun of the Form III verb from the same root as ghars, plants and planting, especially in relation to trees and shrubs52) is sharecropping in land planted with perennial crops (typically orchards and vineyards), while musaqah (the verbal noun of the Khubr, a share: al-Shawkani (Nayl al-Awtar. VI, 8) suggests this term as the derivation of mukhabarah. Cf. Lane 1863-93: 696a. Additionally, Serjeant (1964: 62 n. 110) tentatively connects the term khubrah with mukhabarah. According to him, a khubrah in the context of Hadramawt is a basket-cover placed over ripening dates.

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