Comparative Physiology of the Vertebrate Kidney by William H. Dantzler

By William H. Dantzler

This quantity emphasizes the comparative method of less than­ status vertebrate renal functionality. i'm confident that this strategy is of specific worth in knowing either the main points of renal functionality on the mobile and subcellular degrees and the renal function in regulating fluid volumes and solute concentrations. My publicity to this process first happened in the course of a pupil examine adventure within the laboratory of Wilbur H. Sawyer, who additionally supplied an advent to the works of Homer W. Smith and August Krogh. the significance of this technique was once bolstered through doctoral and postdoctoral examine within the laboratory of Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen. it's been proven via years of private event considering then. My study and my knowing of renal functionality were aided over the years via collaboration and dialogue with a number of scholars and colleagues. Of specific impor­ tance in constructing my perspectives on comparative renal functionality, and particularly at the courting of constitution to operate, has been my lengthy organization with my colleague and pal, Eldon J. Braun. Donald S. Farner, who prompt the writing of this quantity, supplied useful editorial tips. a lot of my own study during this sector has been supported through the years by means of supplies from the us nationwide technology origin and nationwide Institutes of healthiness. The writing of this quantity used to be accomplished whereas i used to be in Wiirzburg, Federal Republic of Germany, supported by way of a Senior U.S. Scientist Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

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1980; Brown and Green 1987). These observations provide quantitative support for the inferences drawn from visual observations of changes in blood flow through the glomerular capillaries of amphibians and reptiles (Bordley and Richards 1933; Grafflin and Bagley 1952; Richards and Schmidt 1924; H. L. White 1929; W H. Dantzler unpublished observations). Finally, these sodium ferrocyanide infusion studies suggest that some of the nonfiltering glomeruli in both teleosts and elasmobranchs are still perfused with blood (Brown et al.

Third, the micropuncture method of measuring SNGFR only applies to those nephrons with glomeruli or tubule loops available on some renal surface. And, although it is theoretically possible to measure the SNGFR's in all nephrons in one kidney at a given time by the constant infusion sodium ferrocyanide technique of deRouffignac et al. (1970), in fact this is not practical. Despite the heterogeneity of glomerular structure and function, the glomeruli within a kidney are often grouped into general functional categories based on their size, morphological complexity, or location within the kidney and the SNGFR's of a few nephrons in each group used as an average for the entire group (vide infra).

15; also Stanton et al. 1984a). Such a gradual transition from the distal tubule through the connecting tubule also occurs in the mammalian kidney. Among fishes, intercalated cells are found only in the collecting tubules of primitive lampreys, Polypteri, and lung fish (Hentschel and Elger 1987). The late distal tubule and connecting tubule of some reptiles (e. , S. cyanogenys) also contain light and dark cells that may correspond to the principal cells and intercalated cells described in other species (Davis et al.

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