Darwinism Refuted by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

Description from the writer: "If it can be tested that any complicated organ existed, that can no longer very likely were shaped by way of various, successive, moderate differences, my thought may totally holiday down." So wrote Charles Darwin in `The foundation of Species`, the place he made his conception of evolution public. the speculation utilized materialist philosophy to nature and challenged the consensus that lifestyles in the world is the artifact of the writer. throughout the following a hundred and fifty years, many within the clinical group assumed that Darwin had virtually entire this activity. this day, technology demonstrates that they have been fallacious. Findings within the final 20 years by myself have shattered the root of the speculation. Key branches of technology, comparable to paleontology, biochemistry, inhabitants genetics, comparative anatomy, and biophysics, point out one after one other that normal legislation and likelihood results proposed via the speculation can't clarify the starting place of existence. existence seems to be infinitely extra advanced than Darwin imagined in his time demonstrating that his idea has totally "broken down

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The lack of predators at the time makes it impossible to explain the matter in terms of natural selection. all the major animal body forms — Baupläne or phyla — that would exist thereafter, including many that were "weeded out" and became extinct. 61 The Burgess Shale Fossils Lewin continues to call this extraordinary phenomenon from the Cambrian Age an "evolutionary event," because of the loyalty he feels to Darwinism, but it is clear that the discoveries so far cannot be explained by any evolutionary approach.

43 The fossil record reveals that species emerged suddenly, and with totally different structures, and remained exactly the same over the longest geological periods. Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvard University paleontologist 43 There is no gradual development in the fossil record such as Darwin had predicted. Different species emerged all at once, with their own peculiar bodily structures. and well-known evolutionist, admitted this fact first in the late 70s: The history of most fossil species include two features particularly inconsistent with gradualism: 1) Stasis - most species exhibit no directional change during their tenure on earth.

Even if we hypothesize that mutation could have a beneficial effect, this "pleiotropic effect" would remove the advantage by damaging many more organs. female, a characteristic that one would have thought was quite unrelated to eye colour. Almost every gene that has been studied in higher organisms has been found to effect more than one organ system, a multiple effect which is known as pleiotropy. "26 32 The Mechanisms Of Darwinism Because of this characteristic of the genetic structure of living things, any coincidental change because of a mutation, in any gene in the DNA, will affect more than one organ.

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