The Gunsmith 234: Deadly Business by J. R. Roberts

By J. R. Roberts

Clint Adams follows an extortionist's path directly right into a warfare among saloon proprietors, ladies with not anything to lose-and the Gunsmith to achieve.

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R. ROBERTS at his room before and now that he was alone, he had time to be impressed with his surroundings. The room was spacious and had all the trimmings. Besides the large comfortable bed, there was also a good-sized dresser and a table with washbasin and towel. Expensive looking curtains framed a single window looking down on the bustling activity of Third Street. There was even a dark red area rug covering a floor made of polished wood. Suddenly, Clint wondered how a place like this could have been running without him even hearing about it.

Didn’t tell me it was short. Please . . ” “Said the . . said to call Bobby home after next job. ” Holstering his gun, Scotelli bent down to grab Orville by the collar and lift him roughly to his feet. “Oh, we ain’t done, old man” he said while shoving the old man toward the cabin. ” THIRTEEN Clint took his time looking around the Prairie Dog Saloon before heading toward the dining area. Overall, the place was quite impressive. Besides the drinking and gambling, the stage shows ran steadily after sundown and the smell coming from the kitchen was enough to make his stomach growl in anticipation.

Now do it hard. ” Hearing her voice only made Clint want her more, and he obliged her request by driving into her until his body was slapping loudly against her rump. As soon as his pace quickened, Maddy relaxed her legs and started crawling forward. She was giggling mischievously when she pulled herself close to the headboard and disengaged herself from Clint’s body. The break in contact was brief, but enough for him to regain some of his senses. Hearing her girlish laughter, Clint slapped Maddy on her backside just hard enough to make her squeal.

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