Deadwood Gulch by Ralph Compton, John Ames

By Ralph Compton, John Ames

New within the bestselling gunfighter sequence Bounty Hunter Cas Everett's kinfolk used to be slaughtered through outlaws. He has their bloody path to Deadwood-the such a lot lawless city within the West-and will cease at not anything to work out that justice is served.

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We’ll tie off here,” he told Yancy, swinging his right leg over the cantle and landing light as a cat. ” Yancy was considerably less agile leaving the saddle and thumped heavily in the dusty street. ” Cas looped his reins around a tie rail in front of a deserted shack that looked like an old grog shop. “After? He’s ours then,” he assured Yancy. “And we will turn him religious in a hurry. First, though, we talk to the telegrapher. Our boy on the Appaloosa has nowhere to run, and if he does, Comet scoots along like his pa’s name is Going and his ma’s name is Fast.

Neusbaum’s the name. ” “Pleased to meetcha. ” The drummer’s studious eye swept over the man on the chestnut. He proffered a bottle from under the seat. ” Cas shook his head. “Much obliged, but my ma will smell it on me and raise the dickens. ” Neusbaum tipped the bottle, then wiped his mouth on his sleeve. “Say, Texas is mighty big, all right. ” Cas glanced at the black-handled Remington the drummer wore in a shoulder rig. “I hear very few men in Texas live to old age,” the drummer explained, seeing Cas eye the gun.

His knees came unhinged and Cas sank to the earth. Out of the throbbing center of his physical hurt, a sob jolted his body. It tore at his throat, and hurt him coming out. For a moment, there was a hot trembling in his eyeballs as everything bent and blurred. But Cas had survived the travails of life through discipline and stoicism. He swiped a sleeve over his eyes. In his grief he paid no attention to his surroundings. The hearty, basso profundo voice spoke from a respectful distance behind him.

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