The Concealed Art of The Soul. Theories of Self and by Jonardon Ganeri

By Jonardon Ganeri

"In The hid paintings of the Soul, Jonardon Ganeri provides a number of views at the nature of the self as obvious by means of significant colleges of classical Indian philosophy. For Indian thinkers, a philosophical treatise concerning the self are usually not simply exhibit the reality in regards to the nature of the soul, yet also needs to interact the reader in a strategy of research and contemplation that might ultimately bring about self-transformation. By  Read more...

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20 soul-searchers and sooth-sayers I will compare Praj¯apati’s approach to teaching about the self with that of the Buddha (see chapter 4). 2 Metaphors of the cave And what did reluctant Yama, the lord of death, tell Naciketas? He told him of the existence of a hidden self, a self the discovery of which will free a man from grief and sorrow. He told him of a self that lies ‘hidden in the cave’ (nihito guh¯ay¯am): Finer than the finest, larger than the largest, is the self that lies here hidden in the cave of a living being.

If we cannot catch the self as an object among others in the world, we can catch it in the very act of thinking. 4–5). My proposal, in other words, is that we read the passage as saying that the self is caught in the phenomenological quality of thinking, in the flavour of the experience of ‘what it is like’ to think. There is something that it feels like, from within, to be thinking, and in focusing upon this one is participating in a non-objectual awareness of the self. adic narrative. The very narrative form that the story of Indra assumes, as an allegory of concealment, functions protreptically, to turn the mind of the reader, to redirect their search in a new direction.

Ads, p. 24, n. 29. 32 soul-searchers and sooth-sayers That the true self is the same within each of us follows from the rule of ¯ . 1–7). adic tradition are said to be ‘‘secret’’, thus ¯ . ad’ (p. 501). ’ ‘It is like this, son. ’’ It is like this, son. ’’ It is like this, son. 3–6) ¯ . i teaches Svetaketu ´ Thereupon Arun how to look for the hidden core of things, the sap pervading the tree, the seed in a banyan fruit, the salt in saltwater, and repeatedly he says, ‘The finest essence here—that constitutes the self of this whole world; that is the truth; that is the self.

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